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Find disability caregivers in your area.

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We’re Here to Help


Let us take over when you need a break.

Homework Help

Tutoring and distance learning support.


Sometimes you need a friend you can check in with.

Skill Development

Reach your goals and learn something new.

Manage Care in One Place

Create Your Care Plan

We understand that each person is different. Include medical information, important details, and interests. Your Care Plan reflects your unique needs in order to get the best care possible.

Text bubbles feature details from customer's care profile
Chat conversation between a parent and a caregiver about setting up an interview

Connect with Caregivers

Find, message, and interview with special needs caregivers. Then choose the day you need care, your hourly rate, and send a Care Date request.

Meaningful Care Dates

Each Care Date is a time for caregivers to provide support, help reach goals, and work on skill development. You’re able to pay and review your caregivers all through Joshin.

Text bubbles of details from an afternoon with a caregiver and boy with disabilities

We Do the Work for You

Your safety is our top priority. Each caregiver goes through an extensive safety check before joining our network – at no extra cost to you!

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Traditional Care Platform
  • Background Check Required
  • Disability Experience Minimum
  • Personal Review of Each Caregiver
  • Individual Care Plan
  • Social Media Check

Resources for You

Find special care today.

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