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Joshin connects incredible coaches to individuals that self-identify as disabled or neurodivergent, caregivers, and allies. Our innovative technology makes the process of connecting to new clients, getting booked, and paid easy and stress-free.

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Joshin connects you with new clients, so you can focus on what you do best. Get booked by Joshin members and increase your business profile.

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This app is so easy to use and a great way to connect with new clients. I love being able to see what care is needed since every individual is different. Support has been really accessible and reliable!

— Kjerstin, Minneapolis

Joshin is a wonderful way for families to connect with the perfect provider. I have been on Joshin since they first started in Chicago and I couldn't be happier. The app is easy to use and I've had some amazing bookings with members! The entire team is very supportive and cares about each person they work with. I would highly recommend Joshin!

— Alison, Chicago

I have been a provider on Joshin for several months now and it is amazing. The convenience and quality are unmatched. The Joshin team is always super kind and willing to answer all questions.

— Ricarda, Minneapolis

​​We need people like you.

Joshin takes pride in the diversity of coaches we have in our disability network to coach on topics like:

  • Lead with empathy
  • Request accommodations
  • Career advancement
  • Become an ally
  • Ableism in the workplace
  • Navigating new diagnosis
  • Self-disclosure
  • and more!

Put your compassion and talent to work.

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Common Questions

What are the requirements for becoming a coach on Joshin?

To become an approved coach on the Joshin platform, you must:

  • Have relevant professional experience.
  • Have a reliable internet connection & mobile or desktop device.
  • Be able to pass a background check.

When approving coaches on Joshin, we also take into account education, professional experience, and current platform need.

How do I get paid on Joshin?

As a coach, you get paid securely through your Stripe account. This can be set up under “Payment Settings” on your account. After you complete your booking with a member, you are paid within 3-5 business days through your Stripe account. Earnings are not taxed through Joshin. Coaches who have earned $600 or more through their Joshin Stripe account will receive a 1099 tax document from Stripe indicating Joshin earnings after January 31 for the previous year.