How to support disability and neurodivergence

Join CEO and Co-founder, Melissa Danielsen, and Sr. Business Development Lead, Sadie Carlisle for a live demo of the Joshin platform and learn how to transform your workplace to support disability and neurodivergence.

There are over 1 Billion disabled people across the world (15% of the population), making it the world’s largest minority group. With a lack of focus on disabled people in the workplace, 97% of employees don’t feel comfortable disclosing their disability or neurodivergence to their employer. That means, only 3% of employees are disclosing their disability and getting the support they need.

In this demo you’ll learn:

  • The story of Joshin
  • The gap in benefits and DEI today
  • Why it’s time to prioritize disability inclusion
  • Overview of Joshin’s services
  • A live demo of our product
  • Client case study
  • How to get started

How Joshin can help:

Joshin provides expert support for disability and neurodivergence at work through on-demand training and resources, 1:1 live coaching, and personalized navigation. Support for disability and neurodivergence can increase engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction, resulting in reduced absenteeism and improved retention.

In an era where the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion is increasingly recognized, it’s vital to extend this focus to include disability and neurodivergence. Our live demonstration is designed to illuminate these often-neglected areas, offering you a comprehensive understanding of how the Joshin platform can revolutionize your workplace culture. Whether you’re in human resources, a champion for DEI, or a decision-maker in your organization, this demo will equip you with practical strategies to foster a more inclusive environment. Seize this opportunity to be a catalyst for meaningful change; let’s collaborate to ensure that everyone has the resources and support they need to succeed, regardless of their physical or neurological conditions.