In this webinar, we’ll explore into strategies and techniques tailored for parents and family caregivers to adeptly support their children struggling with meltdowns and challenging behaviors. Our panel discussion will equip you with proactive approaches to avert meltdowns whether at home or in school – all in support of Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to recognize triggers and implement proactive strategies to prevent meltdowns
  • Practical techniques for calming tense situations and managing challenging behaviors effectively
  • Positive approaches to fostering harmony and well-being for both caregivers and individuals with disabilities

A professional headshot of Sierra Smith with long, light brown hair, wearing glasses and a black floral blouse.
Meet Your Presenter

Sierra Smith

Sr. Marketing Manager, Hearst

Sierra Smith has served as a Senior Marketing Manager for Hearst Newspapers for four years, focusing on lead generation and top-of-funnel marketing to grow subscriptions. Sierra is also the lead for HNP’s affinity group, Working Parents, a community of working parents that support and advocate for one another. In 2022, one year after becoming a mother, Sierra was diagnosed with ADHD and advocates for other working parents, specifically mothers, facing the same struggles. In her free time, Sierra plays clarinet in Sinclair Community College’s Concert band, spends time at the park with her daughter, and plays video games on PC with her husband.

A headshot of Karina Antonopoulos with long, dark brown hair, wearing a black top.
Meet Your Presenter

Karina Antonopoulos

Coach, Joshin

Karina is a Health & Wellness Coach on the Joshin platform who focuses on supporting members with emotional regulation, stress response management, and improving executive function skills. She is a mother to two boys, ages 5 and 3 — one who is autistic and the other who has a highly sensitive temperament. Once she became a mother, she entered the world of practicing co-regulation with her children’s ups and downs, while simultaneously strengthening her foundation in managing her own stress responses to stay balanced. Karina loves to dance (all kinds, especially improvisational!) and appreciates ’sun snacking’ on a sunny day. She knows more about dinosaurs and animals than she ever thought she would and loves to help her son set up intricate scenes as he shares his newly acquired knowledge about his new favorite animal. Karina considers herself to be a Highly Sensitive Person and extrovert who loves connecting with other caregivers, while strongly advocating for periods of downtime to reset and recharge.

A professional headshot of Melanie Fountaine with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a dark blazer.
Meet Your Presenter

Melanie Fountaine

Co-Founder & COO, Joshin

Melanie Fountaine, the co-founder and COO of Joshin, brings a unique perspective shaped by her journey of an adult ADHD diagnosis and her professional experience in education with children, specializing in working with autism. As a member of a multi-generational neurodivergent household and as a mother to a neurodivergent son, Melanie is deeply committed and passionate about advocating for the inclusion of disability and neurodivergence in classrooms and workplaces.