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With more neurodivergent or disabled workers, Minnesota employers add support

Occupational therapist Elizabeth Duffy was diagnosed at 39 with autism and ADHD and soon found a huge void in support of neurodivergent people by providers and employers.

“Just a lot of adjustability in the environment can help,” Duffy said. “Having flexibility built in as much as possible.”

She also found a lack of education for those employers on what type of support is needed. Duffy founded the nonprofit Minnesota Neurodivergent Education, Advocacy and Therapy Services (MnNEAT) in 2021 to fill that need. For-profit companies like Twin Cities-based startup Joshin are also contracting with companies to help support employees.

As more neurodivergent adults and people with disabilities are hired, especially in the post-pandemic scramble to fill jobs, more companies are realizing the need to learn about how to support their new employees and then provide those services.

The companies we’re partnering with really are focusing on ensuring that their employees have the right type of support.

Melissa Danielsen, Co-founder & CEO of Joshin