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Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother Michael on why he used to hide his cerebral palsy

Originally written by Rachel Paula Abrahamson for, published on May 20, 2021.

Michael’s message is one of inspiration, hope, and appreciation. Having overcome unthinkable challenges against extraordinary odds, Michael is living proof that perseverance and unwavering positivity can surmount even the most seemingly impossible of obstacles.

Born an unexpected and underweight twin, Michael faced the first of several life-threatening circumstances before he took his first breath. Thanks to both outstanding medical care and his indomitable instinct to survive, Michael survived his first days and weeks, although not without lasting adverse effects. Due to irreversible neurological deficiencies, Michael was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy before entering Kindergarten. He also had a life-saving heart transplant as a teenager as a result of heart failure brought on by a virus. It was this second close brush with death that opened Michael’s eyes to the fragility of life and inspired him to take control of the future he once thought he wouldn’t have.

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