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How Best Buy Is Creating Value With A Game-Changing Program For Employees Seeking Work Advice

While other companies are thinking of curtailing their DEI efforts, Best Buy, the retail giant, is doubling down on support for disability of all kinds in the workplace. At the center of their efforts is Joshin, a digital support platform that may offer Best Buy the boost it needs most: specialized, on-demand support for neurodivergence and disability in the workplace. Joshin’s tagline? Create a workplace designed for everyone.

Could investing in employees be the ticket to a better future for the company? From early reports, the partnership already looks like a game-changer for the Fortune 100 retailer. “In the program’s first 14-days with Best Buy, we are already supporting 35 different diagnoses and are hearing incredible stories from employees who are identifying with Joshin, because they see themselves in what we are doing” says Joshin CEO Melissa Danielsen.

Our goal over the past several years has been to create a human resources department focused on well-being and where everyone can find they help they deserve. Care and counseling can be very complicated to find, and we wanted to solve that problem for our employees.

Charlie Montreuil, Senior Vice President of HR Rewards at Best Buy