Joshin Partners With Hearst to Launch Neurodiversity and Disability Coaching and Training Support Program for Employees and Caregivers

Joshin, a leading provider of disability and neurodivergent support services, today announced a partnership with Hearst to launch a groundbreaking program aimed at providing comprehensive support to employees, employee caregivers, managers and allies connected to a disability or neurodivergent condition.

The program is designed to offer a wide range of resources and assistance to individuals navigating the challenges of disabilities and neurodivergent conditions in various aspects of their lives. This holistic and personalized support program encompasses home, work, family, school and more, meeting individuals where they’re at and tailoring the support to their specific needs and environment.

“At the core of Hearst’s culture is a shared belief that the best work comes from fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity, and we are committed to doing everything we can to make all of our colleagues and their loved ones feel included and supported,” said Maria Walsh, senior vice president and head of global benefits at Hearst. “Offering benefits like Joshin is just one way we can help our colleagues feel their best, both at work and at home.”

Research indicates that disability inclusion drives 1.6x revenue, 2.6x greater net income, 2x higher economic profit and 25% higher industry productivity relative to organizations who are not leading in disability inclusion initiatives (Accenture, 2023). Hearst’s participation in Joshin’s expert support program aims to bridge the employment gap and enable individuals with disabilities or neurodivergent conditions to achieve their full potential with support for their employees.

“Through our groundbreaking partnership with Hearst, we are spearheading a transformative movement in the area of disability and neurodivergence support,” said Melissa Danielsen, Joshin co-founder and CEO. “Our revolutionary platform is meticulously crafted to empower employees, caregivers, managers and allies, fostering a vibrant community that transcends limitations. Together, we are igniting a profound shift, bridging the employment gap, and nurturing an inclusive society that celebrates the unique talents and boundless potential of every individual.”

About Joshin
Joshin is a leading provider of disability and neurodivergent support services. Through its innovative platform, Joshin connects individuals with highly skilled coaches, therapists, and service providers, ensuring access to quality support and care. Joshin partners with organizations to provide sustainable, ongoing support for disability and neurodivergence in the workplace through personalized coaching, training, and navigation. To learn more about Joshin, visit us at