Flexible disability care for working families.

When it comes to care, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. And 45% of employee caregivers make up the workforce. We help working families and care providers across the country connect through an experience tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Over 112 million Americans have a complex care need.

Discover how Joshin helped them live life to the fullest.

Ages 0–12

A toddler with Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Using the Care Plan, Theo created a behavioral management routine to support his daughter Olivia.
  • Olivia met all of her therapy goals while Theo was able to focus on his career.
Ages 13–17

A teen with Cerebral palsy

  • Joanna worked with a Joshin Care Advocate to build a full-time care schedule for her son, Tony.
  • Joanna feels less stressed at work knowing Tony is supported by an experienced care provider.
Ages 18-64

An adult with an unexpected injury

  • After her car accident, Maria was able to build a care team from Joshin’s network of screened caregivers.
  • Maria managed her own care and continued to live independently while she recovered.
Ages 65+

An aging parent with dementia

  • John scheduled and managed in-home care on the Joshin app for his mother, who has dementia.
  • John is thankful he can continue working full-time and provide for his family.

How can Joshin help your employees?

Adding Joshin to your employee benefits package means equitable care for all ages, abilities, and needs.

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Schedule care with confidence, knowing our care providers are thoroughly vetted before joining our network—at no additional cost to you.
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  • shield-iconPersonal Review of Each Caregiver
  • shield-iconDisability Experience Minimum
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Bring Joshin to your employees.

Does your company have equitable care benefits for all ages, abilities, and needs? Make Joshin part of your care benefits package.

A care benefit for every age, ability, and need.

Disability Care

Find caregivers that not only specialize in a wide array of complex needs, disabilities, and health conditions—they specialize in people.

Expert Support

Joshin Care Advocates know the ins and outs of the care system, and offer direct support to your employees, ensuring they get the most from our services.

Respite Care

Take the time to care for yourself and your loved ones. Joshin caregivers are in it for the long-haul, and can flex for the shape of your life.


Keep that independent streak going. From seniors to adults with disabilities, our caregivers know the value of good conversation and the secret to having fun.

It’s been an amazing help for my family! Our son has Down syndrome and autism, and it’s been very challenging to find the right caregivers. With Joshin, we’ve connected with 3 incredible caregivers. I can’t say enough about the quality of the caregivers and how easy scheduling & payment is through the app.

— Sara, Minneapolis

Most employee benefits packages leave out those with special care needs. This comes at a huge cost to both talent and the company.

— HR Specialist, California

Joshin is a wonderful way for families to connect with the perfect caregiver. I have been a caregiver on Joshin since they first started in Chicago and I couldn't be happier. The app is easy to use and I've had some amazing Care Dates! The entire team is very supportive and cares about each family and caregiver they work with. I would highly recommend Joshin!

— Alison, Chicago

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