Stefanie Porter

Omni-Channel Ops Analyst, Best Buy

Stefanie has been an Omni-Channel Operations Services Analyst at Best Buy since 2008, with a short break in 2011. Joshin’s partnership with Best Buy has brought relief and clarity for Stefanie as someone who lives with ADHD, OCD, and Anxiety. Stefanie’s diagnosis journey began as she realized historical patterns attributed to ADHD.

Aside from her own neurodivergence, Stefanie’s also connected with a family member who recently discovered he has autism, and a son with sensory issues. Joshin has been a space to discover better ways of supporting them. Stefanie’s Advocate has met to discuss concerns and needs, pairing Stefanie with compatible coaches to support the family overall. 

Stefanie reportedly enjoys working in particular with a coach who has lived experience with ADHD and understands the struggle concerning executive dysfunction, time, and my overall frustrations. Stefanie continues to work with a coach who is equipped to help support a family member,  in the school setting, supporting my son through his IEP in preschool.

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