Sommer Male

Parent Caregiver & Joshin Member

Sommer has an autistic son named Duke. Following his diagnosis and Sommer’s initial shock, she really prioritized her own self-care through therapy and leaning on friends and family, knowing that the diagnosis and Duke’s support would be lifelong. Prior to being a Joshin member, Sommer struggled to find in-home therapists. Joshin has conducted tailored recruiting over the last year, getting Duke the support he needs and giving Sommer relief. For Sommer’s family, Joshin has ensured the caregivers have pertinent experience for Duke’s support needs while vetting candidates through extensive background checks. As a parent to Duke, she’s apprehensive to leave him in the hands of anyone else but her family, especially as Duke is non-speaking and can’t always communicate his needs. Knowing that Joshin vets caregivers for Sommer is critical to her wellbeing, and having ongoing rapport with her personal Navigator at Joshin working directly with her ensures a sense of validation on her care journey.

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