Re Peterson

Quality and Compliance Specialist, Spring Health | They/Them

Re Peterson is a clinical quality administrator in the mental health field. They work as part of a team comprising of licensed clinicians and fellow administrators to support their company’s provider network and assure quality of care for all patients. Re lives with a rare, non-apparent disability (trigeminal neuralgia) and exists on the neurodivergent spectrum. Diagnosed as a teenager, they have been navigating the world of chronic illness and disability in the decade + since. Re has had both positive and negative experiences with self-disclosure. Although the negative experiences have been disheartening, they have only strengthened Re’s resolution toward finding their right spaces in a world that is tailored toward the able-bodied. When Re is not engaging in advocacy for themselves and others, you can find them reading, hiking, loving on their pets, and making art (in various mediums!)

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