Devin Norko

Devin Norko is a Black, disabled, and queer intersectional advocacy content creator, writer, and artist. They have multiple disabilities in a range of classifications, most meaning they spend quite a bit of time in medical spaces. They focus their advocacy mainly on disability, queerness, neurodivergence, and generally what it’s like to be a multiply-marginalised person: the joys, the traumas, the microaggressions, the unlearning, the solidarity and community – all making up the beautiful and multifaceted lives we live. They make it a point on their platforms to prioritise vulnerability and growth, and use my work to inform and educate, to encourage visibility, to amplify voices.

While intentionally advocating for a few years, they’ve been a writer since they could hold a pen – having written many poems (multiple published), articles, short stories, and now essays and essay-like text for their advocacy work, and writing more long-form in some spaces. Devin is also a speaker, honoured to have spoken on multiple occasions at events for things relating to disability/disability justice, queer rights, self-acceptance, etc. – and they are an open mic host, a founding host for the Disability Open Mic for Get Loud Movement.

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