Calling all disabled people: tell us your story!

Disabled Voices Amplified

At Joshin, we value the voices of disabled and neurodivergent people. It’s the core of who we are and what we do. We believe that disabled voices need to be heard and that disabled stories need to be told. 

Because disabled people are often marginalized by mainstream society, the stories and lives of disabled people are routinely pushed to the periphery. This impacts not only how people with disabilities are able to operate in society, but also how people with disabilities are represented by society. \

Your Story, Your Voice: How Joshin is Changing the Narrative on Disability

Even though disabled people make up to 25% of the population, only 3.1% of characters on TV are disabled. We’re on a mission to change that.  

We want to fill our blog with the stories of disabled and neurodivergent people from all over the country.

Why Disabled Stories Need to Take Center Stage

Your story can have an impact. Behind every story, there is an individual, and the world changes because of the actions of individuals. 

Your story is unique. No one story of disability is the same as another because you have different experiences, challenges, and victories. There will never be another you, and never be another story quite like yours. 

What we want: We want to hear your story. We’re not here to just tell flowery stories about disability representation – we don’t believe that disabled people are here to inspire people who don’t have disabilities – that isn’t the point of what we’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s your experience of being disabled in an ableist society, your diagnosis story, your life story – no matter what it is, we want to hear it. The point is that it’s YOUR story. We are committed to amplifying the voices of disabled people, but we can’t do that unless we hear the stories of individuals like yourself. We want to hear from YOU. Your story matters

How to introduce yourself to us: Fill out the form below or send us an email at You can write it out, send us a voice recording or video – whatever format that works for you works for us.

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