On World Autism Awareness Day, we came together for an insight-packed discussion with industry leaders about neurodiversity in the workplace. During this discussion our expert panelists share practical strategies and best practices for fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of the workforce.

During this engaging roundtable, you’ll learn:

  • How to break the stigma and embrace diversity to cultivate a culture of care
  • The prevalence of neurodiversity among your employees and best practices to celebrate differences in the workplace
  • Strategies to support, engage, and retain neurodiverse employees and families to help them thrive

Whether you’re an HR professional, leader, or team member, this webinar will provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways to help create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

Hosted by Family First, and featuring Connie Rust, Director of Client Success @ Joshin; Sara MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer @ Family First; and Rebecca Warnken, SVP @ Aon.