Watch "How to launch, amplify, and engage your Disability ERG"

Are you looking to launch or amplify an Employee Resource Group (ERG) focused on disability and neurodivergence within your organization? Look no further! We have an on-demand recording of our insightful webinar that features industry experts Jodi West from Land O’Lakes, Inc. and Lisa Heck from Best Buy. Hosted by the dynamic Connie Gilbert Rust, this webinar is a treasure trove of actionable insights and best practices.

Why Employee Resource Groups are Essential

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are essential pillars of a modern, inclusive workplace. They serve as vital forums where employees from various backgrounds can come together to offer mutual support, share experiences, and contribute to a more equitable work environment. ERGs focused on disability and neurodivergence are particularly crucial. They not only provide a safe space for employees who identify with these groups but also serve as a resource for the company at large, offering insights into how to make the workplace more accessible and inclusive. These groups can influence company policies, advocate for meaningful changes, and play a role in recruitment and retention strategies. In essence, ERGs empower employees to be agents of change within their organizations, making them not just beneficial but essential for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What You Will Learn

Strategies for launching an ERG from scratch

How to amplify the voice and reach of your existing ERG

Engaging members and allies effectively

Real-world examples from Land O'Lakes and Best Buy on successful ERG initiatives

How to launch, amplify, and engage your Disability ERG Webinar

Joshin, we are more than just a caregiving platform; we are advocates for inclusivity and accessibility in every sphere of life, including the workplace. Our commitment to these values is why we are thrilled to offer resources like this webinar, aimed at empowering organizations to foster a more inclusive environment through Employee Resource Groups. We believe that when we share knowledge and resources, we move one step closer to a world where everyone’s needs are met and every voice is heard. Thank you for partnering with us on this transformative journey.