Inclusive support for you starts here.

Best Buy employees can now enroll in Joshin and access a support system for disability and neurodivergence in the workplace. Joshin provides expert support for disability and neurodivergence through unlimited live coaching, digital resources, training, personalized navigation, and more. Enroll today to get started!

Unlock real-time support for you and loved ones.


Access tactical support and expert guidance from our coaches.

Connect with Joshin coaches on topics like executive functioning skills, self-disclosure, or navigating a new diagnosis. Whether connected to disability or neurodivergence personally, through a loved one, or as a leader – our coaches can support you. You can even book multiple coaches on different topics at any time.

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Expand your knowledge through our digital programs and library.

Deepen your understanding through self-guided resources, on-demand training, and inclusive webinars designed for all employees. Interested in learning about how to better support a neurodivergent colleague or your own diagnosis? Explore our comprehensive content library to cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

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Uncover real solutions for complex and personal needs.

Access our specialized Navigator team for confidential, personalized support. Whether you need care providers, self-disclosure advice, healthcare guidance, benefits optimization, or community resource research, our Navigators are here to support you.

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Get in-home support from trusted caregivers.

Find the exact care support you need through on-demand recruiting for in-home specialized care. We’ll identify experienced and background-checked caregivers who match your needs, and you’ll be able to conveniently schedule and manage payments for care – all within the Joshin platform.

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Expert support for disability
and neurodivergence – free to you.

Create a free account.

Sign up with your @bestbuy.com email address, and unlock secure and confidential access to Joshin’s digital platform.

Connect with a Navigator.

You’ll be paired a Joshin Navigator, your concierge who will provide personalized guidance every step of the way.

Get personalized and inclusive support.

We always meet you where you are at, so together, we’ll build a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Grow in your career and life.

Connect with expert coaches, tap into our inclusive education and resource library, and find specialized care and support for all aspects of your life.

Confidential and inclusive support for everyone.

Safe & secure digital access.

No formal diagnosis needed.

Personalized for your needs.

Available on mobile & desktop.

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It’s been an amazing help for my family! Our son has Down syndrome and autism, and it’s been very challenging to find the right care providers. With Joshin, we’ve connected with several incredible caregivers. I can’t say enough about the quality of the caregivers and how easy scheduling & payment is through the app.

Joshin Member, Minneapolis
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We have a process for accommodations, but without knowing what to request, I haven't been able to use it. I’m so happy that Joshin can support me in understanding my own needs and provide ongoing support in my role so I can continue to build my career.

Joshin Member, New York
A close-up photo of a smiling woman

With a new diagnosis, I was looking for 1:1 coaching to support navigating workplace relationships and communications. Joshin provides more guidance on my disability than I’ve been able to find elsewhere. It’s been a really positive experience, and I feel cared for.

Joshin Member, California

We help you grow in your career and life.

Our expert team draws from lived and professional experience to offer inclusive, person-centered support. We partner with you to tackle needs and challenges that surface in the workplace, relationships, life, family, and beyond.

  • Accommodations
  • Self-Disclosure Support
  • New Diagnoses
  • Training & Education
  • Specialized Care
  • Executive Functioning
  • Career Advancement
  • Inclusion & Accessibility
  • And More!

Find your community.

Enroll today to access a safe and secure place. Seek resources, ask questions, share stories, and receive peer-to-peer support.

Common Questions

Read Notices from Best Buy

What’s included in my Joshin benefit?

Your Joshin benefit includes:

  • Expert guidance from a dedicated Navigator;
  • Access to a network of screened caregivers;
  • 1:1 coaching sessions with coaches on career, inclusion, and life;
  • Unlimited secure messages to coaches and caregivers;
  • Neurodivergence and disability training for all teams;
  • Access to educational content, webinars, and articles
  • Profile for documentation & care management.

How does Joshin work?

Joshin is a comprehensive support system for disabilities and neurodivergence in the workplace. We support the entire workplace through personalized navigation, specialized care, live coaching sessions, and disability education and training. Our Navigators personally guide members through all aspects of the journey. They empower employees and their families to make informed care decisions and access the resources they need while transforming employers and their teams into allies by uncovering unmet needs and tailoring educational support.

As a Joshin member, you have access to:

  • Joshin Navigators – On-going guidance, care planning, and tactical support;
  • Specialized Care – Access to a network of screened caregivers;
  • Live Coaching – Free 1:1 coaching sessions on career, inclusion, and life for all ages on topics such as work accommodations, creating an inclusive workplace, adaptive fitness, nutrition, academic planning, and more;
  • Neurodivergence and Disability Trainings – For managers and teams to better include disabled and neurodivergent colleagues;
  • Disability Education – Resources, webinars, and workshops for the entire workforce;
  • Digital Care Management Tools – Organize your care with your Profile. You can send messages to coaches and caregivers and book them all within the platform.

How do I use my Best Buy-sponsored backup care hours?

Best Buy is providing 5 backup care bookings (credits) per year to you. Each credit can be used to schedule caregiver booking for up to 10 hours in length. Simply select ‘Employer Credit’ when making your booking with a caregiver. All payments are processed directly in the app, so you don’t have to deal with reimbursements. Any bookings made with caregivers not using your Best Buy credits will need to be paid for out-of-pocket with a credit card.

Who is my Navigator, and what do they do?

When you enroll in Joshin, you get connected to a dedicated Navigator, your personal guide to all things Joshin. They are with you every step of the way as they find solutions to your care needs and goals. They empower employees and their families to make informed care decisions and access the resources they need while transforming employers and their teams into allies by uncovering unmet needs and tailoring educational support. Your Navigator is available directly in the app, or you can get in touch by emailing support@joshin.com.

Who can Joshin support?

Anyone! Joshin is for all ages and needs. We serve employees managing their own care and well-being, as well as dependants such as children, siblings, spouses, and parents. Joshin’s employee support covers personalized navigation, specialized backup care, live coaching, and disability education and training. Employees, people leaders, and teams find momentum and reach their full potential through access to quality care and support.

Do I have to pay for 1:1 live coaching sessions?

No! Our 20-minute live coaching sessions are included through your Best Buy-sponsored membership, and they can be booked directly in the app. Coaching topics include:

  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Positive Communication Strategies
  • Academic Planning
  • Education Success
  • IEP Advisement
  • Learning Differences Tutoring
  • Post Secondary Planning
  • Special Diets
  • Accessible Yoga
  • Adaptive Personal Training Programs
  • Positive Communication Strategies
  • and more!

What type of care can I find on Joshin?

We pride ourselves on the diversity of experiences we have in our provider network. Whether you are looking for an elder care companion, respite care, or a backup care provider – you’ll find the right fit on Joshin. Providers can care for more than one person at a time, as well. Siblings are welcome too! You can always reach out to your Navigator for support connecting to care providers.

How does Joshin screen your care providers?

Our caregivers are thoroughly vetted before joining our network. They’re experienced, professional, and ready to flex to meet your needs.

Here’s how we keep your experience safe and secure:

  • Background Check Required
  • Interview Required
  • Disability Experience Minimums
  • Ongoing Education & Training

If you have any questions about your care providers, please reach out to support@joshin.com.

How do I access my Joshin account?

The Joshin app is available on web browsers and mobile devices. Log in on a web browser, or download the mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

Notices from Best Buy

Notice to Best Buy Employees regarding the Joshin Caregivers

Best Buy wants our employees to know that Joshin performs a background check process on its caregivers to help ensure the professional conduct, quality, expertise, and credentials of the caregivers. However, we recognize that only you can determine if an individual caregiver is right for you and your loved one.  We encourage you to please use your independent judgment and scrutiny as you decide whether to select and utilize an individual caregiver from the Joshin Platform.

Notice to Best Buy Employees regarding the Joshin Profile

Best Buy wants our employees to know that you have the ability to create a personal profile on the Joshin platform, which might be useful to you as a central location for information sharing regarding care for your loved one; and you have sole discretion to control who has access to the profile. We want you to know that Joshin is committed to the security of the Joshin platform, including your profile. However, we recognize that only you can determine what information you are comfortable sharing via the profile.  We encourage you to please use your independent judgment and discretion as you decide what information regarding your loved one to place in the profile and who has access to the profile.