Your Joymakers Rating & How it Works

Last updated: March, 2019
What Are You Rated On?

  • Customer Ratings are based on your 10 most recent Care Dates Provided

  • Acceptance Rates are based on your 10 most recent Care Date opportunities.

As you provide care, ratings from past Care Dates are replaced by ratings from more recent Care Dates. This makes it easier for you to improve your ratings numbers over time and helps you become eligible for any future special programs and incentives.

How We Calculate Your Customer Rating

Your Customer Rating is the average of the 10 most recent customer ratings you received. Customers rate the care you provide and their overall experience separately on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Only the Care Rating counts towards your Customer Rating.
Your Customer Rating does not include Care Dates for which the customer did not provide a rating. Therefore, if you've received 10 ratings so far, the customer does not provide a rating after you've completed the next care, your rating will remain the same.
Sometimes customers take a long time to enter a rating. We can only take a rating into account after a customer has given it, so there may be times when you Customer Rating changes a long time after the care has been completed. This will likely be why you see your Customer Rating change even though you may not have just provided a care.
Joymaker who have a Customer Rating below 3.00 may have access to the platform deleted. It is our responsibility to provide access to a high standard of care to our customers in this way.

Joymaker Ratings Levels
5.00              = Perfect! 
4.99 – 4.40 =  High
4.40 – 4.00 = Medium 
3.90 – 3.10 =  Low
under 3.00 = Very Low

Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate is the number of Care Dates you accepted out of the last 10 care opportunities you received as a percentage. If you constantly decline Care Dates, your acceptance rate will be low.

To raise your Acceptance Rate, you should consistently accept care opportunities that are offered to you. Consistently declining care opportunities negatively impacts other Joymakers’ experiences. The care is being assigned to you because you are evaluated as the best Joymaker for this care. If you unassign (refuse the offer), the care will be assigned to another Joymaker. This takes time, and the more time it takes for a care to be accepted, the less time the Joymaker who accepts the care offer has to complete the care on time.
Note: You will never be deactivated for a low acceptance rate.