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Read our FAQ’s below.


What is the process to get an account?

To get started

  1. Download the Joshin app
  2. Create your account
  3. Make your subscription choice
  4. Enter payment information

In minutes, you’ll be matched with Joymakers and begin booking Care Dates in the Joshin app!


What are your rates?

You set your hourly rate based on what you will pay a Joymaker per hour. Once a Joymaker receives the Care Date request, they are allowed to view your Care Plan & hourly rate. The Joymaker then, “confirms” or “declines” your Care Date request. After the Care Date, Joshin processes the payment for the Care Date using Stripe by charging your hourly rate x the total number of hours (plus applicable Stripe fee). Your Joymaker will be paid by Stripe within 1-3 business days.

When do you charge me?

You are charged for your subscription at the time of making your suscription choice in the Joshin app. After your Care Date is complete, you are auto billed using the payment information you set up. Please note; you have 24-hours to review the Care Date billing notes, tip (optional) and rate your Joymaker after each booking.

Do you accept insurance or State waiver funding?

Yes! Families who utilize Self-Directed Medicaid Funding can utlitize Joshin to recruit caregivers.

You can find out more here:


What areas do you serve?

Yes! Families who utilize Self-Directed Medicaid Funding can utlitize Joshin to recruit caregivers.

You can find out more here:

Do you care for siblings, too?

Absolutely! Please remember to list their name in the Care Plan. When you determine your hourly rate (you can change at anytime), we’d recommend considering how many people will be included in a Care Date request.

What ages and disabilities do you support?

Joshin is for all ages and abilities. Joymakers have experience with a variety of disabilities such as; autism, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, down syndrome, physical disability and more.

You review Joymakers experience in their profile prior to booking.

Is there a minimum amount of time to book?

No, however; Joymakers are asked to “accept” or “decline” your Care Date request and the duration of the Care Date plays into their decision making.

Our average Care Date is 3-4 hours.

How far can I book out?

You can book as far in advance as you’d like! A great place to start would be to direct message (right in the app!) the Joymakers you are interested in booking to confirm their availability that far out/how often and then book away! We encourage Joymakers to keep their availablity up to date.

How quickly can I book a Joymaker?

You can book Joymakers in real-time, but please remember that the Joymaker needs to “accept” or “decline” your booking. If the Joymaker does not respond within 24-hours the request expires and you are able to send another request.

What happens if I’m early or late?

You are charged the Care Date timeframe that the Joymaker accepted at minimum. If your Care Date goes over booked time (runing late or arragned to be away longer), you are charged the actual Care Date time frame.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel a Joymaker at anytime (Joymakers can cancel as well). But please be aware that Joymakers “accept” and “decline” Care Date requests.


How do you choose your Joymakers?

Joymakers go through an experience review, background check and finally; when available, we review their social media accounts.

Can I favorite a Joymaker?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so! It makes them easier for you to find on your next booking and is a great reminder. When you favorite a Joymaker, it means that if they are available they will be the first to show up for you. You will also be able to view their full calendar of availability and book them!

What type of special needs experience do Joymakers have?

Joymakers have a variety of experience! They have experience working with people with developmental disabilities, autism, epilepsy, physical disabilities, mental health, down syndrome and more. Joymakers are from a variety of backgrounds such as special education, social work, nursing and direct care.

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