Flexible care and support for DSAMn members.

Joshin provides care and support for individuals and families with disabilities and neurodivergence. Our screened caregivers and coaches have experience supporting individuals with Down syndrome. Sign up for your free membership by listing 'DSAMn' as your organization.

Welcome to the family.

Joshin supports individuals and families with specialized care, virtual coaching, and disability education. Our Advocates personally guide members through all aspects of the journey, empowering and transforming every person by uncovering unmet needs and tailoring customized support.

We believe in care beyond conditions. We engage the whole person. We don’t check boxes, we build friendships. Joshin is a place where everyone is welcome, you can be yourself and always feel at home.

It’s been amazing help for my family! Our son has Down syndrome and autism, and it’s been very challenging to find the right caregivers. With Joshin, we’ve connected with 3 incredible caregivers. I can’t say enough about the quality of the caregivers and how easy scheduling & payment is through the app.

Sara, Minneapolis

I used to spend several months trying to find a caregiver for my daughter with Down syndrome. Now, with an entire network of screened and experienced caregivers at my fingertips, I can schedule care fast. If I didn’t have Joshin this year, I don’t know if I would have been able to continue working full-time.

Sherry, Chicago

Through the Digital Binder and other app features, Joshin did a great job of allowing me to share the full picture of my loved one. I felt it was a well-rounded view of my child – triggers, behaviors, but also what’s unique about them too.

Paul, California

Safe and secure.

Your family can schedule care with confidence knowing our experienced providers pass an extensive safety check before joining our network.
  • shield-iconBackground Check Required
  • shield-iconPersonal Review of Each Provider
  • shield-iconDisability Experience Minimum
  • shield-iconID Verification
Success Rate
4.9/5 Star rating

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Common Questions

What’s included in my Joshin membership?

Your Joshin  membership includes:

  • Expert guidance from a dedicated Advocate;
  • Access to a network of screened caregivers;
  • Free 1:1 virtual coaching sessions, such as nutrition, Government Benefits, and academics;
  • Unlimited secure messages to providers;
  • In-app provider booking & payment;
  • Access to educational content, webinars, and articles
  • Digital Binder for documentation & care management.

How does Joshin work?

Joshin is a comprehensive support system for disabilities and neurodivergence. We support individuals and families through specialized care, virtual coaching, and disability education. Our Advocates personally guide members through all aspects of the journey, empowering everyone to make informed care decisions and access the resources they need.

As a Joshin member, you have access to:

  • Joshin Advocates – On-going guidance, care planning, and tactical support;
  • Specialized Care – Access to a network of screened caregivers;
  • Virtual Coaching – 1:1 coaching with specialists on career, inclusion, and life;
  • Disability Education – Resources, webinars, and workshops for the entire workforce;
  • Digital Care Management Tools – Organize your care and support plan with your Digital Binder, send messages to providers and specialists, book, and pay  – all in the Joshin app.

Who is my Advocate, and what do they do?

When you enroll in Joshin, you get connected to a dedicated Advocate, your personal guide to all things Joshin. They are with you every step of the way as they find solutions to your care needs and goals. They empower individuals and their families to make informed care decisions and access the resources they need while transforming everyone into allies by uncovering unmet needs and tailoring support. Your Advocate is available directly in the app, or you can get in touch by emailing support@joshin.com.

Who can Joshin support?

Anyone! Joshin is for all ages and needs. We serve individuals managing their own care and wellbeing, as well as dependants such as children, siblings, spouses, and parents. Joshin’s support covers specialized care, virtual coaching, and disability education.

Do I have to pay for 1:1 virtual coaching sessions?

No! Our 20-minute virtual coaching sessions with specialists are included through your DSAMn-sponsored membership, and they can be booked directly in the app. Coaching topics include:

  • Special Diets
  • Government Benefits
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Positive Communication Strategies
  • Academic Planning
  • Education Success
  • IEP Advisement
  • Learning Differences Tutor
  • Post Secondary Planning
  • Accessible Yoga
  • Adaptive Personal Training Programs
  • Positive Communication Strategies
  • and more!

What type of care can I find on Joshin?

We pride ourselves on the diversity of experience we have in our provider network. Whether you are looking for an elder care companion, respite care, or a full-time – you’ll find the right fit on Joshin. You can work with as many care providers as you need, and our providers can care for more than one person at a time, as well. Siblings are welcome too! You can always reach out to your Advocate for support connecting to providers.

How does Joshin screen your care providers?

Our caregivers and therapists are thoroughly vetted before joining our network. They’re experienced, professional, and ready to flex to meet your needs.

Here’s how we keep your experience safe and secure:

  • Background Check Required
  • Interview Required
  • Disability Experience Minimums
  • Ongoing Education & Training

If you have any questions about your care providers, please reach out to support@joshin.com.

How do I access my Joshin account?

The Joshin app is available on web browsers and mobile devices. Log in on a web browser, or download the mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.