Joshin Officially Launches First-of-its-Kind Disability Care Booking App

Today is the big day!  As promised, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of Joshin in the Twin Cities market. Our care provider booking app is a gamechanger, providing 24/7 access to on demand care and a specialized care network, and we are excited to have it all happen in our hometown.

Why is this a really big deal?

In Minnesota, approximately 1 in every 5 families with children has at least one child with a special health need – with an estimated 160,000-200,000 children in the state having special health needs.

 Joshin is the first company in the nation to offer specialized disability care through app-based technology. It was designed specifically for the challenges of parents of children with special needs, who often face obstacles in finding qualified caregivers. You cannot simply call the high schooler down the street to babysit. Parents of children with special needs are also sensitive to “burning out” family members so will only turn to them when absolutely necessary.

 We believe that all parents should have a support network of qualified caregivers. Parents of children with special needs, should have a resource for care whether it is for date night, work or running errands. Joshin makes that possible.

So how does this work?

We’re glad you asked! Download the Joshin app on the App Store or Google Play. After completing a one-time, in-home Care Interview, Joshin will create a personalized Care Plan. You can then book qualified, highly vetted disability caregivers and specialized care companions right from your smartphone or mobile device.

Our trained network of disability caregivers, known as “Joymakers,” are rigorously screened and vetted through background checks, MVR screening and social media profile reviews. Joshin provides an ongoing education program that is unique in the disability care market. Joymakers are also equipped for every care date with “Engagement Bags” full of personalized sensory tools, books, toys and more -- appropriate for children (and adults) with special needs to help ensure a unique and enjoyable experience.

 Take a look at our official press release and help us spread the joy by sharing with your family, community and groups.

Melissa Danielsen